Hieronder vindt u een aantal cases!

Senseo – Douwe Egberts

For the Douwe Egberts ‘Jij & Senseo’ campaign we provided the models and a professional make-up artist.
Models: Auke, Martine, Denise, Iris
Hair & make-up: Linsey van Vlijmen


On a regular basis we provide the models for different SuperKeukens print ads such as leaflets and their magazine.
Models: Denise, Peter F., Leonie, Bas, Nicole en Andrea


We provided the model for the KWF campaign ‘Nadenken over je nalatenschap’.
Model: Vakil


For this vanHaren campaign we provided beautiful models and also the services of our professional make-up artist.
Model: Laila
Hair & make-up: Linsey van Vlijmen

With the services of our make-up artists, stylist and models we assist on a regular basis with creating their magazine.
Models: Elaine, Martine, Denise, Nizayli, Jaimy, Lauren, Maaike, Charlotte, Peter S., Matthijs, Sander B., Lois K., Laila, Toby en Thomas
Hair & make-up: Linsey van Vlijmen

Chaud Devant

On a regular basis we provide Chaud Devant our models for their magazine.
Models: Paulus, Sebastien, Laila, Matthijs, Sander D., Wesley, Roos, Paul, Harold, Peter F. Bas, Bram en Resley, Petra


On a regular basis we provide all the models in the leaflet and the magazine of DroomDomein.
Models: Bas, Laila, Luca, Madelon en Kell

Keune Haircosmetics

For this campaign we provided the models and a professional make-up artist.
Models: Lauren, Pallas, Laila, Lianne
Hair & make-up: Linsey van Vlijmen


We provided the model for the Lifestyle94 campaign.
Model: Nadeche


Our promo girls were present at different Vodafone offices for an internal promo event. They welcomed employees at the entrance and informed them about the re-launch of ‘Vodafone Thuis’.

TC Oosterflank

For the opening of the new dental center we provided two hostesses. These beautiful ladies welcomed, informed and served the guests with a drink.

The Harbour Club

On a regular basis we provide the hostesses for The Harbour Club Amsterdam.

Aegon Copa A’dam

Our promogirls were present at the Aegon Copa Amsterdam to promote this international top youth football tournament. We also provided the themed promogirls with professional costumes and make-up for an impressive look. The guests were able to get a picture with our tropical ladies and enter a contest to win entrance tickets.


Tijdens het festival Blown Away in Rotterdam, waren onze promotie dames aanwezig om de night edition Stolichnaya Premium Vodka te promoten. Op het festival stond een grote visual van deze night edition. De bezoekers van het festival konden zich daarop uitleven met glow in the dark verf! Door het blacklight werden deze creaties goed zichtbaar. Onze meiden mochten dit leuke proces begeleiden. Uiteraard waren de kleding en make-up geheel aangepast aan het merk en het festival!


During the opening of the Superga Store in the nine streets (Amsterdam) our lovely hostesses created a festive touch! They where serving delicious self-made scroppino’s.

The Red Sun

Every Tuesday night our hostesses created a remarkable and special night at restaurant The Red Sun in Blaricum.